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Dear Communists on the Internet,

Sorry it’s been so long, but we thought we should touch base because we need to talk.

There’s a misconception that’s quietly spreading about Maoism and the so-called universality of Mao Zedong’s strategy of Protracted People’s War (PPW) ie. can it be practiced everywhere, including “First World” countries or is it particular to certain kinds of societies?

It’s true that there are some Maoists who claim that PPW is a universal strategy. But to claim that universal PPW is the official Maoist™ line is another matter. The first is debatable, while the second is simply false. Continue reading “#NotAllMaoists”


The Unspoken Aspect: A Revolutionary Current in Syriza

[From Threshold Magazine – Eds.]

By Eric Ribellarsi

Who could miss the excitement as a mass popular movement of people in Greece -that toppled multiple reactionary governments- elected a coalition of radical leftists of many stripes into the government of Greece? In the streets, people waved red flags and sang Bella Ciao (Beautiful Goodbye), the famous song about the defeat of fascism in Europe. All throughout Europe, people rallied in solidarity with similar hopes and dreams.

The people of Greece wanted a radical way out of the crisis that global capitalism created. For the first days, Syriza defied the powers-that-be in one way after another. This was not a revolution, but it was a very important political opening that showed the basic reality that resistance is possible and capitalist hegemony is not invincible. Continue reading “The Unspoken Aspect: A Revolutionary Current in Syriza”

The War on Christmas: How Leftists and Liberals destroyed the body of Christ

Have you heard the news? There’s a war on Christmas. In 2013, Atheists struggled to dismantle a nativity scene in Chipley, Florida. Even the United States Air Force isn’t immune to secular chauvinism. A nativity scene at the Shaw Airforce Base in South Carolina was summarily dismantled in 2013.  Despite Bill O’Reilly’s protestations against the liquidation of Christian symbols displayed proudly in public, the war on Christmas penetrates into the very fabric of intersubjectivity, meaning that, the War on Christmas redefines our relationship to others by burying the concept of the body of Christ, or a body of believers. Continue reading “The War on Christmas: How Leftists and Liberals destroyed the body of Christ”

Going HAM on Regroupment: How MLM Mayhem Ruined Thinking For The Rest of Us

If you enjoy such hobbies as shooting fish in barrels or tripping the elderly then there is nothing quite as satisfying as misrepresenting your opponents ideas and then pontificating upon them. JMP’s Ten Theses on Regroupment Politics remixes the idea of left regroupment and proposes an artificial revolutionary stance to fit his pompous worldview. On a certain level I envy the certainty of JMP’s arguments. It must provide him a  fair amount of smug enjoyment, wagging his revolutionary index finger at forces he derides as rightists, basking in the fountain of truth he bathes in, defecates in, and drinks from.  In the age of the crisis of all Marxism(s), whether that be the Marxism-Leninism of Stalin worship or the codified Marxism-Leninism-Maoism which screams “People’s War!” without the ability to organize one, the quick witted and firm prose of JMP’s theoretical excrement has managed to produce a number of micro-cults which hang on his every word. Indeed, because humans are masochistic beings and my certitude in the tenants of JMP’s farcical version of Maoism is waning, I felt the need to immediately exude my own arrogance on the subject of regroupment, if only to match JMP’s cockiness.

Continue reading “Going HAM on Regroupment: How MLM Mayhem Ruined Thinking For The Rest of Us”

I Read Charles Bettelheim. What Happened Next Will Shock & Amaze You!

I am not an expert on the state, the concept of the state or the historical lineages of the State, but I have an understanding of how poorly the North American Communist left understands the state. No, I’m not an expert, but I figure that my ability to read chapter books without any pictures whatsoever (!) provides me with an ability to learn the material enough to make bold claims about the nature of state power. Recently, Charles Bettelheim, author of the multivolume series Class Struggles in the USSR taught me a few basic, but subterranean, lessons about the nature of state power. Continue reading “I Read Charles Bettelheim. What Happened Next Will Shock & Amaze You!”

Posters Copying Dead Generations Weigh Like a Nightmare on The Brains of The Living.


Every revolutionary movement started off like a talented cover band. During the Chinese revolution the new organs of power were called Soviets and one of the political factions was dubbed the “28 Bolsheviks.” Russian and Haitian Revolutionaries were both inspired by and made repeated references to the French Jacobins. The French revolutionaries took cues from the Americans. The American Founding (slave-owning) Fathers were inspired by Ancient Greece and Republican Rome. Each considered themselves as a continuation of a previous historical revolutionary tradition.

What set these revolutions apart (and what made them successful) is that they also started playing their own music. They quickly broke with previous models, taking on only what worked, casting aside what didn’t, inventing new things based on their differing objective and subjective conditions, and filling in the gaps left from previous theory.

Importantly, each developed startlingly original aesthetic forms, symbolic languages, and artistic styles that both merged with and defined the most cutting edge cultural innovations of their times. Can we even imagine Russia in the teens and 20s without Constructivism? Or the 1960s in America without the Panther’s black berets and leather jackets or the art of Emory Douglas?

Meanwhile, the “28 Bolsheviks” were politically defeated and their name became shorthand for “dogmatism.”

Continue reading “Posters Copying Dead Generations Weigh Like a Nightmare on The Brains of The Living.”

We Want to Build a No Bullshit Communist Movement

The idea for this blog came out of our experience with having belonged to ostensibly revolutionary communist organizations in North America. While we maintain that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is a starting point for future inquiry and revolutionary work, one can only remain a Maoist by surpassing Mao, re-assessing Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in its entirety, and moving forward to re-conceive an emancipatory project which integrates at its core the latest developments in science, philosophy, critical theory and historical analysis. Continue reading “We Want to Build a No Bullshit Communist Movement”

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