Edit: We’ll be updating this post as we find new podcasts that are worth checking out.

Communists have always availed themselves of the most advanced communications technology available at the time so I think Lenin would have loved podcasts. Here’s a roundup of some of our current favourites that you can listen to on your way to producing surplus value for the capitalist system. Feel free to post any we missed in the comments.

564542_115647885234368_1050036366_nFrom Alpha to Omega

“What is happening to our economy and our politics? Are we stuck forever in this corporate dystopia? What can we learn from the failures of radical politics over the last 100 years? Tom O’Brien talks in depth to experts from the fields of Political Economy, Politics, Science, Philosophy, Complexity, Mathematics, Music, and the Environment.”


“The conflict between Israel and Palestine can often seem like a permanent feature of the global order. The wars, intifadas, refugees camps, suicide vests, UN resolutions, and peace talks have been painfully burned into our collective consciousness. But how could this have happened? Was it always this way? That’s what we’ll seek to find out in Fear & Loathing in the New Jerusalem, a multi-part series exploring the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”



“spiked is the magazine that wants to make history as well as report it. Follow us for fiery political discussions, thoughtful book reviews, and to access our full archive.”


medium_symptomaticredness-s-podcast-1464155406Symptomic Redness

“A show on political economy and historical analysis hosted by C. Derick Varn and Amogh Sahu with a monthly supplement with Arya We interview figure on economics and politics from a historical materialist perspective and look at alternate modes of economic and political organization as well as offering our own commentary on the topic.”

9649971The War Nerd

“Media and discussion related to the analysis and musings of John Dolan AKA Gary Brecher AKA The War Nerd. For War Nerds of all stripes.”


zerologo-672x372Zero Squared

“Zero Squared is a philosophy podcast from Zero Books. Zero publishes radical philosophy, aesthetics, film theory, experimental fiction, and anything else that smells faintly of the avant-garde. Our books aim not only to demonstrate how philosophical ideas are relevant to every day life, but also to change the terms of it. Douglas Lain is the host of this podcast and the publisher of Zero Books. He hosted the Diet Soap podcast out of this feed for five years. Zero Squared will continue the tradition of Diet Soap while giving Zero Books authors a chance to talk about their work.”


newbannerSean’s Russia Blog

“Sean’s Russia Blog podcast features interviews with academics, journalists and policy makers on Eurasian politics, history and society.”


13510980_1108939489164907_7925812487307317190_n.pngThe Decline of the West

[Spin-off podcast by the creator of the MartyrMade podcast and the Cinema Discourse and Cultural Discourse blogs]

“What does Donald Trump have to do with Julius Caesar? Are there constants in the way civilizations respond to a refugee crisis? What can contemporary film tell us about the unconscious anxieties of our age? What is mythological meaning of al Qaeda and the Islamic State, and can the West generate compelling myths to compete with violent millenarianism? Does resurgent nationalism portend an approaching crackup of the nation state system? Nothing is off-limits, so buckle up, we’re going in!”