Rumpus News Service, Ottawa, Ontario

On August 13th, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (RCP-PCR) announced a boycott of the October 19th federal elections, coupled with a National Day of Action on October 18th, in order to “bring all those together who are sick and tired of this rotten system.”

“The Communist election boycotts are a credible threat to democracy,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper remarked yesterday. “When the RCP-PCR raised the concept of election boycotts, election turn-outs increased but we fear that this second, pretty much identical electoral boycott could be the one that completely discredits our democracy.”

RCP/PCR Demonstration
A very serious political organization. Very serious.

The upcoming Communist election boycott follows upon the setback of the election boycott of 2011, which saw voter turnout rise to 61.4%, an increase of 2.6% from the previous election. However, the RCP and its associated organization, the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee (PRAC) are now poised to convince at least several handfuls of Canadian citizens to stay home on election day, according to government sources.Voter_turnout_in_Canada_1957-present

Since the founding of the RCP-PCR in 2000, the organization has grown rapidly, incorporating dozens into its activities and claiming to be the “vanguard” of the Canadian revolution.

“The fact is we were blindsided. What we thought was a small and unpopular Communist organization with a bizarre fixation on the idea of war, has matured into a serious force capable of organizing a Canada-wide election boycott, potentially heeded by millions,” said the Prime Minister.

In Toronto, at the Landsdowne TTC station, RCP/PCR supporters handed out election boycott flyers to a receptive public. Many glanced in the general direction of their propaganda enthusiastically.

An RCP/PCR supporter, who refused to disclose his identity as the RCP remains a clandestine group, reacted to the Prime Minister’s comments:

“The imperialist bourgeoisie is rightly poster2_ENterrified of us. In the 2011, 38% of Canadian citizens refused to participate in the electoral sham. That was us. Our propaganda, our skillfully crafted flyers, passionate speakers, and student plenaries convinced a substantial minority of Canadians to skip out on bourgeois elections and work on the historic task of building the Communist Party. This time, we are thoroughly prepared to fundamentally expose our phony democracy.”

When asked if he would heed the Party’s call to boycott the elections, Bud Jenkins, an office cleaner who lived in the neighbourhood responded, “Well I guess so. I wasn’t going to vote anyway and I didn’t in the last one either so I guess that counts, right? Wait, which election is happening? Federal? Is Rob Ford running in that one? I [expletive] love that guy.”