The idea for this blog came out of our experience with having belonged to ostensibly revolutionary communist organizations in North America. While we maintain that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is a starting point for future inquiry and revolutionary work, one can only remain a Maoist by surpassing Mao, re-assessing Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in its entirety, and moving forward to re-conceive an emancipatory project which integrates at its core the latest developments in science, philosophy, critical theory and historical analysis.

At the moment this is an intellectual project but we hope that by fostering freedom of criticism and by placing primary emphasis on building the Communist movement rather than the Communist Party our modest attempts can have an impact on future revolutionaries unencumbered by dogmatic, occultist “leftist” thought which pervades the minds of our contemporaries, however dedicated and sincere they may be.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of theses which need to be expanded individually and researched rigorously, but constitute the starting point of our theoretical project. Some of our areas of investigation will include Communist organization, revisionism, internal colonialism, the labor aristocracy, revolutionary strategy, socialist democracy, and socialist economics.

This project may raise some hackles. It could be considered a project of right opportunism, a project of petit-bourgeois philistinism, a revisionist project, a counter-revolutionary project and a liquidationist project. We mean to pursue our investigation wherever it leads and to base our calls on a no bullshit assessment of our objective and subjective conditions. We are not interested in cosplay.

We will not censor any comments or discussion that are substantive, however, we will not necessarily respond or engage in pointless online discussion. For us, debate should be thoughtful and requires more work than commenting. Debate requires thorough investigation and theoretical practice. If you have a thoroughly researched position and/or have engaged in substantial theoretical practice which upholds science and foregoes occultism, dogmatism, and opportunism, submit a fully formed argument in the form of an essay and we will publish it.